Blondage Oil 500 ml


Dull, toneless hair, to which you want to give a new light?
Blondage Oil is the lightening oil for you!
This amazing product creates delicate shades of color, respecting the structure of the hair.
Thanks to Blondage Oil your hair will be immediately stronger and more robust. The sensory magic of desert oils contained in this magical elixir reinforce the hair up to 5 times!
Its extremely mild and delicate formula is specifically designed for:

  • Obtain bright and harmonious lightening
  • Treat and condition the hair
  • Give incredible brightness
  • Contains the precious date oil, which protects the hair fibers and replenishes the bridges
  • Protects from UV rays

Its special composition allows you to obtain technical and professional results:

  • Lightens by 1 tone every 10 minutes if applied on a natural basis (recommended at 6 volumes)
  • Ideal for eliminating yellow pigment overload in lengths (recommended at 20 volumes)
  • If used pure, it reconstitutes the hair fibers, thus giving a fuller and silky texture to the hair
  • Perfect to use to recreate the techniques of delicate highlights or balayage on a natural basis